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AEM Audit Log is a convenient way to check who modified what and when within AEM pages or assets.

ACS Commons provides an Audit Log Search tool which allows users to do an AEM Audit Log search and see what properties of a page (and enclosed components) have been altered.

But what if you don’t have access to ACS Commons in your Production environment or it doesn’t work as expected (see Pic. 1 below), but you still need to know what has been changed on a particular page? This article will show you how to find out in two steps:

Step #1. Navigate to audit log events in CRXDE.

AEM Audit Log entries for pages are located under the

folder in the repository. An example for project ‘acme’ and page ‘testpage’ is in Pic. 2 below.

Log entries can also be found and sorted by date using the following SQL2 query (works in AEM 6.4 and older; AEM 6.5 returns an empty result set)
SELECT * FROM [cq:AuditEvent] AS comp WHERE ISDESCENDANTNODE(comp, '/var/audit/com.day.cq.wcm.core.page/content/acme/country/us/en/testpage') order by comp.[cq:time]

Step #2. Deserialize a binary with modified properties.

An AEM Audit Log entry contains information on what exactly was modified in a page and its enclosed components. A set of modified properties can be retrieved from the ‘cq:properties’ field.

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Viewing AEM Audit Log without ACS Commons


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