Using Send Email Step of Forms Workflow AEM 6.4

oliverd66431838 25-09-2018


I have been trying to configure the email step of AEM workflow 6.4 following this page:

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Using Send Email Step of Forms Workflow

I have configured Day CQ Mail service with my Gmail, that seems to be fine as it is sending emails.

However I have downloaded the EmailDor attachment package and when installed doesn't work. It appears that no process step is selected in the original Workflow UI.

When I have literal values they work, however, trying to combine the data from the form I fill out with the email template, it isn't working. This is how the email appears,  I want name and date values to be where I've underlined:


I have downloaded it on two different AEM  6.4 instances, on a AEM 6.4.1 and still have the same error - I'm not sure if this is a bug or if process just needs to be configured in a certain way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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