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Using Search and Indexing in AEM as a Cloud Service by James Talbot


AEM supports running queries against the JCR repository, which is very similar to running queries against a relational database. Full text queries are also supported. Customers can write their own queries and define their own indexes, and many AEM customers do this.

Changing the index definitions is needed to speed up queries. With blue-green deployments, the challenge is that multiple application versions can exist at the same time, but each version might require a different index configuration.

With AEM as a Cloud Service, instead of configuring and maintaining these indices on single AEM instances, the index configuration has to be specified before an actual deployment. Let’s review some of the changes in AEM as a Cloud Service:

Indexing Changes in AEM as a Cloud Service
1. Users will not have access to the Index Manager (http://localhost:4502/libs/granite/operations/content/diagnosistools/indexManager.html) of a single AEM Instance anymore to debug, configure or maintain indexing. It is only used for local development and for on-prem deployments.

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Using Search and Indexing in AEM as a Cloud Service


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