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Using CMIS Services to allow 3rd party applications to upload assets into AEM


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Hello AEM Gurus,

We are researching ways to integrate third-party applications such a BPM software Pega with AEM to allow Pega to seamlessly upload/download attachment/documents and digital assets into AEM.

Currently Pega provides integration connector which is compliant with CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) which is an OASIS industry standard. In order of a CMIS based integration to work both AEM & Pega need to have this capability. We know that Pega is CMIS compliant and have researching to find out it AEM too is CMIS compliant.  

We found this article on Adobe docs https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/crx/2-2/deploying/cmis.html  which seems to suggest that CMIS can be enabled in AEM for assets using a capability called CRX (Content Repository eXtreme). However this article also seems to suggest (text at the top) that CRX v2.2 is no longer supported. The latest v of CRX v2.3 doesn't seem to have any documentation for CMIS; and even CRX2.3 documentation suggest that it is no longer supported.

Can someone shed some light as to whether CMIS based integration is no longer supported altogether by AEM ? If yes, then what are the other options to integrate a third-party system like Pega BPM to upload/download documents/assets from AEM.

Any pointers will much appreciated.



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