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Using AEM Modernization Tools by Exadel


We recently began the process of switching over all of our pages from static to editable templates.This was shaping up to be a long, complicated, and expensive process, so we turned to AEM Modernization Tools for a solution.

AEM Modernization Tools makes customization easy by providing a broad range of pre-set options that we combined to fit our needs. The tool suite is also designed to be extendable which allowed us to specify custom implementations when the framework did not provide us with quite enough flexibility. We also had the option to extend the feature set by registering OSGi services and implementing specific API interfaces.

We will not dive into AEM Modernization tools in detail; instead we will show you how to create a custom implementation to fit your own needs by answering some frequently asked questions about AEM Modernization custom solutions.

Before starting, you should make sure you’ve installed the AEM Modernization Tools package:

Why did we need to customize AEM Modernization Tools?
1. You might assume that all static pages will be structured correctly, but we discovered that some of our pages were missing several components which were supposed to be parts of the editable template. We also discovered that after conversion some extra components that we didn’t want appeared on the page. We decided to exclude these pages from the conversion process. Still, as a precaution, we checked the accuracy of the structure before converting each page.

2. The standard PageStructureConverter implementation will move all the nodes under jcr:content to root. This would not work for us because we had several nodes under jcr:content which are a part of page properties configuration, and we wanted to keep them where they were.

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Using AEM Modernization Tools


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How should we proceed with converting components that contain multifield in the dialogue?

What is the simplest approach for making customizations to the conversion process?