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Using Adobe Experience Platform to Convert Subscribers from Free to Paid | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Using Adobe Experience Platform to Convert Subscribers from Free to Paid by Eric Knee


This blog details a single implementation for a publishing customer on Adobe Experience Platform. Not all aspects are guaranteed as general availability. If you need professional guidance on how to proceed, please reach out to Adobe Consulting Services on this topic.
“30-day free trial! 7-day trial period! First month free!”

As consumers, we are all familiar with this kind of offer when signing up for a subscription service. It is an attractive offer, giving us the chance to try out and assess the value of the product or service before we commit to paying. From the business perspective, the logic is also clear — gain subscribers by postponing the payment barrier and attempt to convince the consumer that the product or service is worth paying for, such that the free subscribers go on to become paid subscribers.

When running such a promotion, the key factor to make it successful is the free-to-paid conversion rate. If this is too low, then you are just giving away your product for nothing during the trial period with no benefit, but if you can make it high enough, then the free trial period becomes a very useful customer acquisition tool. This means that delivering a good product or service in the trial period is hugely important to drive paid subscriptions, but we can take that one step further, and say that delivering a good customer experience from the first interactions during that trial period, will really influence the likelihood of the customer becoming a paid subscriber.

Last year, a leading UK publisher set the Adobe Consulting team the challenge of demonstrating how Adobe Experience Platform could be used to improve the customer experience for new free subscribers. So that’s exactly what we did.

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Using Adobe Experience Platform to Convert Subscribers from Free to Paid


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