Useradmin not responding when large number of users imported




Problem Statement:

Difficulty  in handling large amount (approximately  1.5 lac)  of user data in AEM. The same user data needs to be leveraged to achieve user personalisation.

Accordingly, these user along with their attributes need to be in index on SOLR to perform a user directory search and create a user hierarchy.

But the problem we are facing is, the moment we try to import 1.5 lac users in AEM, the useradmin console stops responding. Also, the users node in the home directory doesn't open.

Can you please let us know if we need to make some configurations changes or else a mechanism where we can store these many users and use their properties for personalisation ?

Version: AEM 6.4.2

Thanks and Regards,

Ankush Dhingra





This looks like a software issue - not a configurable setting that community can recommend. Please open a support ticket so this can be investigated and fixed.