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Apache Sling Service User Mapper Amendment

  • This configuration is used when you want to have an individual configuration for a particular project.
  • If there are more than one configurations correspond to a particular bundle, based on the ranking, service can be picked. (The highest the number will be having highest ranking).



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Service Users and Mappings

Sling 7 offers a Service User Mapping service, which allows to configure a bundle-to-user mapping and two corresponding API methods: SlingRepository.loginService() and ResourceResolverFactory.getServiceResourceResolver() which return a session/resource resolver with the privileges of a configured user only. These methods have the following characteristics:

They allow mapping services to users
They make it possinle to define sub-service users
The central configuration point is:
service-id = service-name [ “:” subservice-name ]

service-id is mapped to a resource resolver and/or JCR repository user ID for authentication
service-name is the symbolic name of the bundle providing the service


Mapping amendments for service user mapper
If you are still not using service user mapping amendments – you are doing a big mistake! This feature allows you to define mappings in a modular way. To use it, create config for factory