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URL Mapping for DAM assets


Level 9

Hi All,

Details as below :

#1] We have made use of externalizer.externalLink(getResourceResolver(), domain, "/") in our code and to this we are appending the dam asset location. So, ultimately we have a url generated like http://www.mywebsite.com/content/dam/../.../.jpg. In our publish instance due to this, the image is not getting rendered. If I remove "http://www.mywebsite.com" from the publish page browser console it works.

#2] Was trying to make use of url mapping by making use of existing folder structure /etc/map/http/mywebsite.com/host[host is of type Sling:mapping] and trying to use properties  sling:redirect and sling:match within that. Under /etc/map/http/mywebsite.com we have redirect node /etc/map/http/mywebsite.com/redirect which is for /content. 

#3] Tried multiple permutations and combinations and also referred various posts http://aem.matelli.org/url-mapping-and-deep-linking/, but not working.

Any solution/pointers to this will be really helpful.

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Level 9

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your reply. Could not understand much by going through the link. In case you have any other reference links/pointers would be helpful.