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Update Language Copy workflow


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  I have a custom workflow from which i trigger update_language_copy workflow from my root "en" language to other languages say "fr" if a language copy already exists. once this update_language_copy workflow finishes, the launch is getting created at "fr/xyz" page however, it does not pick "en/xyz" page source to do the launch instead it picks "fr/xyz" page and creates a launch for itself. below is the snippet of code of params im passing:

WorkflowData wfData = wfSession.newWorkflowData("JCR_PATH", "fr/xyz");

  MetaDataMap metadataMap_updateLC = wfData.getMetaDataMap();

  metadataMap_updateLC.put("language", "en"); //master language

  metadataMap_updateLC.put("destinationLanguage", "fr");

  metadataMap_updateLC.put("workflowLaunchTitle","Translation "  + lang);

  Date date = new Date();

  metadataMap_updateLC.put("liveDate", null);

  metadataMap_updateLC.put("deep", false);

  WorkflowModel wfModel = wfSession


  wf = wfSession.startWorkflow(wfModel, wfData);

can someone point what i am missing. I have manually triggered OOB update langauge copy feature and captured the workflow to see what all params its sending and they all match (esp. the payload, language and destinationlanguage)



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Hi Archie,


did you find solution for this?