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unable to get jcr properties in eclipse


Level 4

I was able to manage the packages using eclipse AEM dev tools and create nodes or extract jcr node properties and manipulate them. Suddenly the tool stopped working in that way and it doesn't connect with the AEM jcr nodes or display their properties. Could anyone help me out?

I am able to start the aem server in eclipse but cannot proceed with development due this behavior of eclipse tools.

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Level 10

check AEM console logs in eclipse or error.log of your AEM server.

Validate the server configuration in eclipse to rule out any modifications


Level 10

please share the logs from eclipse's AEM/Sling console


Level 10

I don't see any issue with this.

May be bounce eclipse and check

What happens when you manually try to sync/push a component? Does that work fine w/o any error in console logs? Do you see the properties after that happens?

Have you allowed *.resources for viewing in eclipse?


Level 1

To see JCR Properties in eclipse, you have to set the Content Sync root directory to "src/main/content/jcr_root" in ui.apps properties.


Then you can see the jcr properties