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Unable to delete the duplicate asset


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Unable to delete the duplicate asset by giving delete during upload

Steps to Recreate:

1> Login into DAM Author
2> Upload an asset.
3> Upload Same asset again.
4> Name conflict popup appears with 4 options(Cancel, Keep Both, Replace and Create Version)
5> Click on Keep Both button.
6> Duplicate Asset Detected popup appears with 2 options(Keep and Delete).

Issue 1: If duplicate asset is detected, path of the original asset is not getting displayed in the popup

Now click on Delete button

Issue 2: After clicking on 'Delete' button, Duplicate asset is getting uploaded

Kindly share the solution.

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Community Advisor

I am using AEM 6.4 and when I click on to keep both then I am able to upload the asset however it automatically renamed.

like if it is image.png, it will rename to image1.png.


~ Prince



Do you have a requirement for duplicate detection? There's virtually no real usecase for this feature. Simply turn it off, it's disabled by default.


Uncheck detect duplicate.

The reason you can't delete is because the user doesn't have those permissions to delete but the dialog doesn't differentiate that. The uploaded asset gets added and the duplicate remains. This is not a product issue and you'll need to raise a Daycare ticket with a strong business impact to have the functionality changed.


Level 2

HI nirbhays30277546

In an OOTB scenario if you have detect duplicate enabled /system/console/configMgr/com.day.cq.dam.core.impl.servlet.CreateAssetServlet , you should firstly see below dialog as below asking you with Keep Both and other options


And Once you select "Keep Both" option it should show you a Dialog as below showing original asset path where Clicking on Delete shouldn't upload the duplicate asset anymore and just refresh the page.


In case you are seeing a different behaviour it would be best to check if you have any overlay defined at your end and if the issue is reproducible with admin. If overlay doesn't exist and the issue persists with admin too please go and ahead and raise a daycare ticket.