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Unable to delete some pages


Level 2


I have copied some pages from one site to another site like Country A to Country B, i have the admin privileges to the Country A and B sites.

I am able to delete the some unwanted pages in country B site but some pages unable to delete with author & approver access as well Admin access in Country B site.

When i select the page to delete, the delete option is going to Hide, please help me to fix this issue, i need to solve this issue asap.

Note: We are using the AEM 5.6.1 version.



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Level 8

what error are you getting in logs ? can you share that ?


Level 10

Do you see the pages in their proper location under /content/<your site>?

How did you copy the pages?


Level 4

I think this is is the same issue as in I am not able to see delete option for deleting the page even with admin credentials .

Please refer to the solution suggested and see if it helps.