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Touch UI Text Component Lacking Functionality?!?


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We are currently in the process of upgrading to AEM 6.1.  We were hoping to have all of our end-users switch to the Touch UI, but we've found that one of our most important components seems to lack some functionality from the Classic UI.  I've also found the lack of documentation/training Adobe has available on how to use the component frustrating.  I'm looking to see if there is indeed functionality no longer available in the Touch UI, or if I'm "missing something."

Here's a basic list of Classic UI functionality that we find crucial that seems to be missing from the Touch UI

  • Ability to select text and drag and drop pages from the content finder to quickly create links
  • Drag and drop image(s) from content finder to place within the text component and re-size and align left/right

Additionally we find the "full-screen" text editing to be seriously flawed, and the smaller editing window lacking functionality entirely.  Though our website is responsive and the "text boxes" resize, editing and viewing content outside of the actual page it's on seems flawed.  I understand that this interface may be best suited for something like an iPad, but if that's the case then why doesn't the system detect user agents and direct to the best interface that way. The Touch UI just doesn't provide as good of an authoring experience on a desktop then the Classic UI, and it's dissapointing.

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I will pass this feedback to the product teams. You are correct - to use Touch UI plug-ins (like the Style plug-in) - you need full screen mode - as discussed in this community sourced article. 



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Am I also correct that the Touch UI Text Component has no functions with the Content Finder? (Inserting images, Links)


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I totally agree with your comments. But, yes AEM 6.1 Touch UI is not having complete features like Classic UI. It is still in Implementing stage. SP1 for AEM 6.1 is released recently.

Yes, in Text component, if you need more RTE Plugins, you need to maximize the screen for example, Styles, Paragraphs. etc. It is designed like that only.

But still, if you see OOTB Text & Image component in 6.1, you have both the options like Text(In-line Editing) and also image(Drag and drop from Assets). Please find the attached screenshots for the same.

Text & Image component in Touch UI


Text& Image in Classic

You can use image in Text component in this way using Text and image component from OOTB. You can also customize according to your requirements.

Also, as scott stated , you can also move to classic mode for example Align left or right.

Ratna Kumar.


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Has this been resolved - seems like basic functionality that should have been included in the first release?

any work-around? any ETA for a fix?

Yes, full screen mode still is not the best interface.