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Hi All,

I have a requirement to have a regex validation for a Touch UI dialog Field. After Initial Research i found out that for regex validation we need to add Granite:data node under that field and then configure regex validation. But, is there a fix by adobe that supports regex property of dialog field for regex validation.

I have referred AEM - Touch UI Component Dialog Field Regex/Custom Validation  for Granite:data information.


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Please check coral3 properties at TextField — Granite UI 1.0 documentation

Coral 2 at - TextField — Granite UI 1.0 documentation

I don't think so, there were regex validation supported by Adobe for touch UI in coral2.

Could you please share the link where you are referring?

granite:data node is used only to add custom data attribute for touch UI dailog fields.

In coral2, that was achieved by adding properties in field node itself.

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Hi arun

Thanks For the Response. I checked this Documentation and found this solution working.But Wanted to check if Adobe has provided fix to support direct regex property as it was working in coral2 fields.