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Top 3 challenges of data governance and performance measurement by Adobe Blog


If there’s one thing the sudden acceleration of digital engagement in 2020 is indicative of, it’s that analytics for understanding consumer behavior online are more important than ever.

Challenge 1: Navigating vast amounts of data
First the good news: All the work your organization likely put into analytics technology during the past few decades has paid off. Your business is now able to collect vast amounts of customer data about nearly every element of your website.

Challenge 2: Team misalignment
A common story in the world of data governance is as follows: A team sets up a system and process that’s used by multiple departments to collect accurate data. Then at a later date, someone does something that breaks the system and process because the teams didn’t clearly communicate their goals with each other.

Challenge 3: Time and resource allocation
Growing your brand by acquiring and retaining customers is no easy feat, especially since there are seemingly endless ways business leaders can allocate time and resources to accomplish those goals.

Solution: Data governance and performance measurement
How can you overcome these challenges? The answer lies in QA testing and data governance.

Manual spot-checking and QA testing can help improve data accuracy, but at the same time it can also introduce other issues, such as draining time and resources, and creating more spreadsheets to manage. However, an effective data governance and performance measurement process and solution can help manage tagging and QA complexity by allowing you to automate ongoing audits that ensure tags are functioning properly in the correct location before, during, and after each release.

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Top 3 challenges of data governance and performance measurement


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