Timeout Handler not working in AEM 6.4.2



We have a custom workflow for Activate Later in AEM 6.4.2 which is migrated from AEM 5.6.1 which have the below steps:

1. Create Version- The version is created succesfully

2. Participant Chooser Step: Wait for activation assigned to admin user and have the timeout settings value are as follows:

      a. Timeout Handler: Absolute Time Auto Advancer 

      b. Timeout: Immediate

3. Activate


The workflow is stuck in step 2 and is throwing the below warning in the log- 

-Granite Workflow Timeout Queue(com/adobe/granite/workflow/timeout/job)] com.adobe.granite.workflow.core.job.TimeoutHandler WorkItem does not exist: /var/workflow/instances/server0/2020-01-13


Even if the workitem node exists in the path mentioned.

We tried giving the permissions to workflow-service user and workflow-process-service user but the same error is coming.


Please provide some suggestions.