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The newly Created User does not have jcr:created


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Hi All,


I have a issue in  AEM  6.0 SP1.

1. Create a  User in AEM 6.0 SP1, the jcr:created and jcr:createdBy are not auto created. I see that this is a issue with the oak API. I believe that this is a issue. Our Customer who use jcr:created and jcr:createdBy  properties of a user in various other places are facing issues.


I presume it should be a defect in AEM 6.0. Please let me know if there is a hotfix available or any existing work around available.


I tried doing following analysis in this. 




1. Under the class AuthorizableNodeCreator.java , there is a method 

To be added

NodeImpl createUserNode(String userID, String intermediatePath) where we need to add setproperty of node (jcr:createdDate, Date util) and also setproeprty (jcr:createdBy, getusername from the Session).


Please let me know, If  I can customize this bundle this way and install my new bundle in this way. Or If any one already have a customized jar of similar type, 















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