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The Missing Guide to Your Adobe Managed Services Servers by Perficient Blogs


Working with Adobe Managed Services (AMS) I’ve wished I had a guide to the common activities I need to log into a server to perform. Here is a quick starter to help you find your way around the servers provisioned by Adobe Managed Services. Since I can’t guarantee AMS environments are consistent (and checking with other teams I’ve confirmed they’re not) you may find these commands or paths don’t exactly match yours, but they should be a good start.

SSH Access
Before you can SSH into the AMS hosts, you will need to reach out to the CSE in order to create a user name and add your public key to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the host. I’d note that some AMS customers are still issued password-based users (in 2020!!) so ssh-copy-id may come in handy.

By default, the CSE will create a single username for all users to access. You can request they create named users as well, however, you will need to be vigilant in adding/removing users as these users are not managed in a centralized repository.

Lower vs. Upper Environment Access
By default, you will have more (if still limited) access to the Lower environments as compared to the upper environments. Even in the upper environments, you can request a “jailed user” with read-only access to the logs.

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The Missing Guide to Your Adobe Managed Services Servers


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