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The Core Component Teaser Component can show an image, a title, rich-text, and optionally link to further content.

The Teaser Component allows the content author to easily create a teaser to further content using an image, title, or rich text and linking to further content or other actions.
The template author can use the design dialog to define if the options to create call-to-actions and add links are available as well as disabling various display options. The content author can use the configure dialog to set an image, define CTAs, set titles and descriptions, and configure links to the individual teaser. The edit dialog of the Image Component can be accessed to modify the teaser image.

Version and Compatibility
The current version of the Teaser Component is v1, which was introduced with release 2.1.0 of the Core Components in July 2018, and is described in this document.
The following table details all supported versions of the component, the AEM versions with which the versions of the component is compatible, and links to documentation for previous versions.

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Teaser Component - AEM Core Component


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