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[Summit 2018][LAB] Reusing content for mobile apps




Session Details

Learn how to use Adobe Experience Manager as a headless CMS while reusing and exposing content to mobile applications with different presentations and uses. Deep-dive into the various ways Adobe Experience Manager exposes data in a headless manner, allowing mobile apps to seamlessly consume content. Explore how Adobe Experience Manager Commerce Product data can be easily exposed to other systems.

Learn how to:

  • Define and build structured Content Fragments to drive fluid experiences in mobile applications
  • Augment Adobe Experience Manager content using Sling Model Exporters for applying custom business-logic overlays to content
  • Reuse and consume content in a mobile app to create a mobile-first experience for your customers built on AngularJS, Ionic, and PhoneGap

This session is for a technical audience with Adobe Experience Manager development proficiency.


  • Amol Anand - Principal Consultant, Adobe


Thursday, Mar 29, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Session Length

1h 30m

Q&A: - Please use this thread as a medium to ask the question related to these sessions.

Session PPT/Docs: - GitHub - Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/Summit2018 at L731

Session Link: - Reusing Content for Mobile Apps

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