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Storage Type on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine - Adobe Experience Manager Installation.


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Adobe Experience Manager on Microsoft Azure.

Dear All,

What is the Storage Type that is Supported by Adobe on Microsoft Azure Platform. While creating a Virtual Machine  on Azure , We need to select a Storage Type.

Available options for the Storage Type - Virtual Machine are : 

  1. Block blob

  2. File

  3. Page Blob and Disk

  4. Table and Queue

Appreciate a reply on this.

Kind Regards, Ramesh P

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These are all good questions. However - in the AEM docs - they are not answered. It states its supported:


However lack of docs constitutes a bug.

Please open a ticket and request more information. 

I have asked internal ppl if anyone has more information on this use case. 


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Hi smacdonald2008

Adobe Experience Manager on Microsoft Azure.

Dear All,

Does  Storage Type  Table is Supported by Adobe Experience manager on Microsoft Azure Platform?

I am trying to store the Lead generation form data in my application  in to Azure Storage Table. Which works completely fine as a standalone Java application. But when I try the same  in AEM as OSGI bundle its not working  as the packages  showing that not getting resolved.

com.microsoft.azure.storage -- Cannot be resolved

com.microsoft.azure.storage.table -- Cannot be resolved

First Question: Is there a way we can write to a Azure Storage Table from a AEM java Service class so that we can store the form data directly in to Azure Storage table?

Second Question : When we can Run a standalone java application  with all the microsoft Azure Storage dependency jars in the application and can able to write the data to the Azure Storage table successfully, How can we make this Java application as a OSGI bundle deploy in to AEM and push the form data from AEM  Java service in to Azure Storage table?

Any help or sample code  to get it done is really appreciated.

Any other suggestion on storing the  AEM Lead generation  form data  in Azure Storage table is really appreciated.