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Storage of OOTB Blog component


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We are planning to use OOTB Blog component for creating blogs for our sites. But, we need to kow, if there are hundrends of blog entries in future, storing them in CRX is the best option or should we use external database like mssql or mongo db? If external db is the solution, what would be the performance advantage of using mongodb again mssql db, for moderate blog usage ?




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Moving this to "AEM communities" topic. Contextual experts can better help you out there.


Kautuk Sahni


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Hopefully you have AEM 6.2 and are installing Communities FP2.

AEM Communities sizing considerations

As described in AEM Communities sizing considerations:

AEM sites that include AEM Communities features (community sites) experience a high level of interaction from site visitors (members) in the publish environment.  

The sizing considerations for a community site depends on the anticipated interaction by community members and whether optimal performance for page content is of higher importance.

User generated content (UGC), submitted by members, is stored separately from page content.  While the AEM platform uses a node store that replicates site content from author to publish, AEM Communities uses a single, common store for UGC that is never replicated. 

For the UGC store, it is necessary to choose a storage resource provider (SRP), which influences the chosen deployment.

- JK