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Status of the publish agents/status of activation in Author replication event


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Hi Team,

 We have written a custom code to push the information o the AWS cloud and to the publishers as well. 

Its working fine but the problem is if some reason publishers are not available or publishing agents are blocked.. it is still pushing to the AWS cloud basically what I am looking is is there any way to check that page is activated or not, If that is activated then only I can push that info to the AWS cloud. Its kind of urgent.



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Couple of ways to check if page is active or not:

1.  Create an OSGI Service bundle that implements the EventHandler class and listen for your required events..  I.e you can get the ReplicationAction using ReplicationAction.fromEvent(yourevent) and check if it matches the event of interest. You could get status by ReplicationStatus status = page.adaptTo(ReplicationStatus.class) .

2. Check the audit log at /var/audit/com.day.cq.replication if on the author, nodes have the cq:Type of Activate/Deactivate. 


Also a reference article:- http://www.wemblog.com/2011/10/how-to-find-all-pages-modified-or.html

// How to find all the pages modified or activated after certain time


I hope this would help you.


Kautuk Sahni


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Thanks kautuk  , In my situation I will try to use the replication status API .