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Start a workflow without activating the page in AEM 6.2


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I need a setup where users can update a page and then submit it for approval/activation in AEM 6.2. The page would be submitted to workflow where a content approver/administrator would review and publish the page. This seems like a common setup for content managment, but I can't figure out how to do it in AEM.

I have done the following:

  • setup a user that has permission to update but does NOT have replicate permission on folderX.
  • setup users with update and replicate permissions on folderX and added them to a group "content-authors-approvers"
  • created a workflow where the first step of the workflow is the page will be submitted for approval and publication to member of "content-authors-approvers" group
  • assigned this workflow to folderX

However, when a user does NOT have replicate permission, the "publish" option does not show up at all. This makes sense, really....but then, how does one go about setting up a workflow like this?

From what I've read about this in earlier versions of AEM/CQ5, the replicate/publish option was still available to all users, but it would automatically kick off workflow if the user did not have replicate permissions. (see Start a workflow on page activation without activating the page in CQ5 )

this seems to have changed in 6.2. can anyone help?

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