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Special characters rendering issue on dispatcher


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Hi Team,


We are facing issue with rendering of special character like é from request parameter and it renders as ? on page source on dispatcher url, where as on publishers renders fine.

We checked the org.apache.sling.engine.parameters settings and utf-8 is set and dispatcher httpd.conf also UTF-8 is set as

AddDefaultCharset utf-8


url - example 




from publishers renders character fine but dispatcher shows on page as 



Also when try hitting like http://localhost:4502/content/abc/en/home/search.html?model=coupé&_charset_=ISO-8859-1


renders character fine on dispatcher.

on page 

<meta charset="UTF-8"/>

is already set.


Kindly share on inputs to check on same.

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I think you just need to encode and decode the text properly, you should do something like this:

1. Invoke your search with text decoded


Then in your Java code, you could use something like this to decode:

String result = java.net.URLDecoder.decode(url, StandardCharsets.UTF_8);


Tool Reference: https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/


Hope this helps

Esteban Bustamante