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SPA Editor Project by Adobe Docs


Learn how to use an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Maven project as a starting point for a React application integrated with the AEM SPA Editor.
1. Understand the structure of a new AEM SPA Editor project built from a Maven archetype.
2. Deploy the starter project to a local instance of AEM.

What you will build
In this chapter, a new AEM project will be deployed, based on the AEM Project Archetype . The AEM project will be bootstrapped with a very simple starting point for the React SPA. The project used in this chapter will serve as the basis for an implementation of the WKND SPA and will be built upon in future chapters.

Review the required tooling and instructions for setting up a local development environment . Ensure that a fresh instance of Adobe Experience Manager, started in author mode, is running locally.

Get the project
There are several options to create a Maven Multi-module project for AEM. This tutorial used the latest AEM Project Archetype as a basis for the tutorial code. Modifications have been made to the project code in order to support multiple versions of AEM. Please review the note about backward compatibility .

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SPA Editor Project


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