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SPA and Server-Side Rendering by Adobe Docs


Single page applications (SPAs) can offer the user a rich, dynamic experience that reacts and behaves in familiar ways, often just like a native application. This is achieved by relying on the client to load the content up front and then do the heavy lifting of handling user interaction and thus minimizing the amount of communication needed between the client and the server, making the app more reactive.
However this can lead to longer initial load times, especially if the SPA is large and rich in its content. In order to optimize load times, some of the content can be rendered server-side. Using server side rendering (SSR) can accelerate the initial load of the page and then pass further rendering on to the client.

When to Use SSR
SSR is not required on all projects. Althgouh AEM fully support JS SSR for SPA, Adobe does not recommend implementing it systematically for every project.
When deciding to implement SSR you must first estimate what additional complexity, effort, and cost adding SSR realistically represents for the project, including the long term maintenance. An SSR architecture should be chosen only when the added value clearly exceeds the estimated costs.

Remote Renderer Configuration
AEM must know where the remotely-rendered content can be retrieved. Regardless of which model you choose to implement for SSR, you will need to specify to AEM how to access this remote rendering service.
This is done via the RemoteContentRenderer - Configuration Factory OSGi service . Search for the string "RemoteContentRenderer" in the Web Console Configuration console at http://:/system/console/configMgr .

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SPA and Server-Side Rendering


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