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Sorting Properties


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I have a component with 3 RTE, and they are stored as 

"jcr:primaryType": "nt:unstructured",
"header": "bg",
"jcr:lastModifiedBy": "admin",
"C_background_reasons-to-buy": "<p>Reasons to buy</p>\r\n",
"jcr:lastModified": "Wed Apr 24 2024 10:15:09 GMT+0200",
"sling:resourceType": "org/components/somecomponent",
"textIsRich": [
"B_background_random-proposition": "<p>Random proposition</p>\r\n",
"A_background_collection-concept-story": "<p>Collection Concept Story</p>\r\n"

I am trying to read 3 properties (starting with A_, B_ & C_ ) and I use sightly to iterate and have some condition..

<sly data-sly-list.property="${properties}">
Issue - It does not maintain the order they were authored in. E.g. - I want A_ to be displayed first then B_ and then C_ . Is there a out of the box property I can use to do some kind of sorting or make sure the fields are read in order ?
Ps- A_ , B_ are not actual names, so not looking for alphabetically sorting but open to change.

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Hi @anupampat ,


As per my knowledge there is no such property/feature available on Sightly.

To achieve your scenario, create a sling model for the component and try to make the sorting be done in the backend.


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I would recommend to use Multifield if your requirement permits. Otherwise, you can create a list and add items as the order you want to the Sling Model as @sravs suggested.


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Hi @anupampat 

I think if you use sling model instead of calling properties directly to sightly, you can resolve the resource and get the valueMap of the resource. Then you will get all the values in a sorted order by the property names. And then you can return this map. You can give a try with this approach.



Asif Ahmed



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Kautuk Sahni