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Smart Crop Auto rendition is not working as expected when DPR value is higher (>=1)


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In the image component, we enabled dynamic media. When we select SmartCrop and Auto rendition, the image (V3) uses the srcset. When DPR=1, images are rendered according to image profiles and work as expected; when DPR>1, the srcset attempts to render high resolution images, causing issues such as the iPhone 12 Pro mobile device attempting to render a tablet responsive image. I have attached the screenshots below for your reference. Please refer the below blog as well.



DPR = 1 (Mobile Image is rendering as expected)



Iphone 12 pro (Since DPR=3, the browser wants to render the Tablet image instead of Mobile)




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@kbitra1998 how are you saying it's loading tablet image, in both of your screenshots i see that in img tag src attribute I see mobile rendition image.. please confirm.


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@Shashi_Mulugu , The image is being rendered from the srcset rather than the src. When I hover over the img tag, it usually shows the rendered size and the aspect ratio of the image matches the Tablet mode rather than the Mobile mode as per our image profiles.