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SlingHttpServletRequest adapto custom sling model


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Hi There ,

 I'm using a custom sling model which i have annotated to be adapto from resource and singHttpServletRequest .

I have designed my model with the fields same as in my form ,

Example : My form has fields "Name", "Age," "Address"

my model also has these 3 fields all injected using "

@Inject @Named (field name from form)


I was assuming doing this would automatically map my request parameters to sling model if i perform request.adapto(customodel.class) .However this doesn't seem to work .

Is my understanding right in doing this ? Did i miss anything here ?



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[Not a Solution but a good read]

Link:- http://www.wemblog.com/2014/11/how-to-use-sling-models-in-cq56.html

//How to use Sling Models in CQ5.6

I hope this would help you.

Thanks and Regards

Kautuk Sahni

Kautuk Sahni


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Hi Kris,


You could use the RequestAttribute[1] annotation that has been created for your use case.

[1] http://grepcode.com/file/repo1.maven.org/maven2/org.apache.sling/org.apache.sling.models.api/1.2.0/o...





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Hi ,

Thanks for your pointers . 

Regarding RequestAttribute , am not sure if requestParameter will map to requestAttribute  . Will give it a try though  . will keep you posted.


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Just an update ,

So I gave a try injecting request params to my model vis RequestAttribute injection , but doesn't seem to work ..

Inject @Named(field name from form) @Source("request-attributes") .


I guess in Springs there is a class RequestDataBinding which does exactly this . I wonder if something like this also exists for sling ?


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Once you have adapted your resource to slinghttprequest in sling model

All you need to do is using below code to get properties saved in node

ValueMap node = request.getResource().getValueMap();
String path = node.get("text", String.class);

Here I am retrieving 'text' property

Do see this article to get more idea:



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Thanks for the reply. 

But this approach is leading me to the impression that I need to manually map request Params to custom mode by get and set. 

I had already used annotations to map req Params to sling model shouldn't be performing it manually again. Spring requestdatabinder does exactly this. Waiting for the same in sling