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Sling Content Distribution not working in AEM Cloud


Level 2

Requirement: Any content change under var folder for a project specific path should be replicated to publish instance. 

Approach decided: Forward sling distribution.


Post configurations deployment on cloud environment. Agent is getting created on environment along with all the configuration are also in place. For the content changes triggers are also working and request is reaching to agent, as we can see request in agent logs.

Forward sling distribution is not working in AEM cloud. we are getting below error.

org.apache.sling.distribution.common.RecoverableDistributionException: not enough rights


Although same configuration we have used on AEM 6.5 local instance and it's working fine. We are not using default agents or service users. We have added all the required ACL's permissions to the user.


We have add following configs for environments  :


Author Instance:

1. Forward agent config:

"details":"This agent pushes content from author to publish",
"serviceName": "distributionSubService",


2. Trigger config:

"deep": true


Publish Instance:

1. Importer config:

"packageBuilder.target": "(name=default)"


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Community Advisor

Hi @binary0010 


The error clearly says some issues with the permissions. Can you check if this is happening with other paths (like /content) as well to further understand the problem? 


Kiran Vedantam.


Level 2

Have changed path but still we are getting same error in the agent logs:




Level 2

We have followed the same and added all the required ACL's permissions but same issue we are facing.


Level 2

Same document has been followed and things were working fine in 6.5 version but not on cloud.


Employee Advisor

Why do you use Sling Distribution and not the replication API? It's not clear from your post if you need to distribute content from author to publish or from publish to publish.


Level 2

We have requirement to implement forward and reverse content distribution. As of now we have done changes for forward distribution but facing these issues. 

We need to distribute content from author to publish.


Level 4

Hi @binary0010 ,


have you got the solution to this , we are getting the same error on cloud , on my local cloud SDK , i am getting same error , i am using admin user with full access on /content