Single Page Application in AEM



Hi All,

Official documentation has a link, talking about Single Page Applications. This reference talks about Angular 1.x  integration. This explains that for each route change controller can pull in template partial from server. This takes care of multi-page routing also.

Now with new SPA frameworks in market - Angular4, ReactJS, VueJS etc, how do SPA fits in AEM. AEM traditionally has a separate content pages. Few points to discuss, if someone has any inputs, experience on these, please share

  1. How routing can be handled in multiple page application for new  SPA frameworks?
  2. Does Adobe plans to support new SPA frameworks or upgrade Single Page Applications - docs.adobe.com  to support Angular 4 or any other SPA framework (the current mobile apps implementation seems to be Angular 1.x based)?
  3. How content authors can create content for SPA based application?
  4. Personalization (teaser/target component), client context/context hub based
  5. Build process to integrate with AEM build

If any one has experience of integrating different SPA frameworks (routing, authoring etc), please share references/best practices.

If we take one page at a time, considering each page as separate app would probably work (where we don't worry about routing etc), but that would defeat the purpose of using SPA framework.