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Share Link permissions: ability to select user/email not working for one group


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I have one permission group where the users are unable to select a user or enter an email into the Share Link dialog box.  The behavior during any typing the small blue square search boxes briefly flash and the data is ignored and the drop down does not function.

In another permission group (as well as Admin) the ability to select and enter email functions as expected.

I've tried to compare the two groups.  Both are members of the same groups (i.e., dam users/everyone...) have the same READ / EDIT ACL enabled on their folders- so the "Share Link" option is available to all users.  But only one group can find users and add email?

Any thoughts on where this is controlled? 

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I would open CRXDE Lite and see the permissions for these 2 groups specifically if the groups have read permission to /home folder.