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Setting Up a Multifield in AEM Touch UI Dialogs: Tutorial | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Setting Up a Multifield in AEM Touch UI Dialogs: Tutorial by exadel


Our articles on AEM Authoring Toolkit have attracted some attention and brought numerous questions. Thank you for your interest, and please do not hesitate to keep asking us questions!

We’ve noticed that most of the questions are quite specific. Several refer to the multifield component in AEM Touch UI — the tool to propagate entries that have the same logical structure. When you need to store not just one value but an array (which may actually contain no value at all), you are definitely looking for a multifield. You should also use a multifield if you want to store “records” that cover several values. You can think of it as kind of a tiny spreadsheet or a database within a dialog.

For historical reasons, facilitating a multifield in AEM is a pretty complex task. Before version 6, and even after — as long as the Classic UI thrived — AEM multifield was a partly provided, partly hand-made feature. At the very least, it needed a decent front-end input to become useful. Things changed for the better with the advent of Touch UI. Now multifields are fully functional but still require a little bit of a tune up.

At Exadel, we found a way to set up AEM Touch UI multifields in a snap, and of course we’ve brought this feature to the Toolkit.

It’s not uncommon to edit a dictionary-like structure in a dialog. Think of a set of child resources for a component, each defined by a path and a special flag, like “show to the left” or “to the right.” You can also imagine a list of links that will be rendered to the user. Each one has some text, a reference value, an associated icon, etc.

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Setting Up a Multifield in AEM Touch UI Dialogs: Tutorial


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