session management in Dispatcher for AEM 6.4




i am migrating my site from aem 6.1 to aem 6.4

in my site i am using httpsession for maintaining some values.

while moving this to AEM 6.4, sessions are working in author and publishers.

but when i hit the same with dispatcher IP, i get null values in session variables.

my current structure is 1 author, 1 publisher 1 dispatcher.

do i have to use sessionmanagement  in dispatcher?

but i am not using any aem user for creating sessions.

is it relevant for my case?

even though i tried using it but no use.



/directory "/usr/local/apache/.sessions"

/timeout "800"


Kindly provide solution for this case.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Could you share dispatcher and error logs in debug mode?

Have you allowed appropriate headers allowed in dispatcher.any?

Could you share more details about  "i am not using any aem user for creating sessions." ? How are you managing sessions?

In addition to that, please check that the path "/usr/local/apache" exists and your root user/apache user (configured to run apache) has read/write access on this path.