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Servlet trigger on dialog textfield in touchui


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I wanted a servlet trigger on textfield of dialog in touchui.

I tried with datasource node , but didn't work out.

Is datasource should be used in specific with servlet?

If so is there a way to trigger a servlet from textfield in touchui dialog.

Currently I am using aem6.4

Thanks in advance!!

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You can use <granite:data & listeners to trigger servlet.

as mentioned below, you can set the class or identifier to invoke method when content loads.



the foundation-contentloaded will be triggered whenever dialog opens

(function (document, $, Coral) {

   "use strict";

  $(document).on("foundation-contentloaded", function (e) {

$(".class", e.target).each(function (i, element) {

   var target = $(element).data("data-fld-class");

   if (target) {

  Coral.commons.ready(element, function (component) {

// write you logic



})(document, Granite.$, Coral);

More details :

Listeners implementations in touch UI.

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Using Event Handlers in Adobe Experience Manager Touch UI Components



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What is your use case?
You can invoke servlet using Ajax request. for example on text field change, you can write jquery event listeners, which will be executing js code and invoking servlet.

Arun Patidar