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Serving the website content from a single dispatcher


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Hello Everyone,


We have 1 stage author, 3 stage publish environment, 3 dispatcher.


Dispatcher 1 -> Pointing to Stage Pub1

Dispatcher 2 -> Pointing to Stage Pub2

Dispatcher 3 -> Pointing to Stage Pub3


Load balancer is done by ALB (Application Load Balancer) of AWS.

Now, just consider:  user1 hits the stage pub URL (this is common URL, which will hit ALB), this might be served from Dispatcher 1. (I can see the details in Network tab)

user2 hits the stage pub URL. this might be served from Dispatcher 2. Now, for any subsequent request from these users will hit Dispatcher1, Dispatcher 2 respectively (I mean user 1 -> Dispatcher1, user 2-> Dispatcher2.


Now, if the user 1 wants to hit some other dispatcher, he needs to clear the browser cache. Then, after few successful cache clear, hit will go to Dispatcher 2 (or may be to Dispatcher 3).


How subsequent requests will hit the same dispatcher? Is it browser behaviour?

cc @aanchal-sikka  @arunpatidar  @lukasz-m @Saravanan_Dharmaraj  @SureshDhulipudi 


Thanks in advance.



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   I assume sticky sessions are enabled in for your dispatcher. Could you check it. I was trying to find the official documentation of Adobe for this. But I couldn't find it. Meanwhile read more on sticky connection https://techgreep.com/dispatcher-a-solution-for-security-load-balancing-and-caching/ 

Also check https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-manager/how-to-do-configurations-f...