Server Side Testing









I am new to server side testing and would appreciate the help. Below, I will explain my requirement and questions:

My Requirement:

We need to test our search relevancy. We made some changes to our ecommerce search algorithm, but we would like to A/B test the changes before we decide which algorithm is best for the user.

I was able to gain access to Adobe Target APIs "{{tenant}}/target" and was able to make successful calls using postman.


1. After looking at all the apis in, I understood that those are only to manage the activities and the test. In other words it offers the same capabilities of what adobe target tool offer to create a new activity. Let me know if my understanding is not correct.

2. I want to create the search activity in Adobe Target tool and set all the audiences and conversion, but I only want to make a service call from our code base to get the content whether to fire experience A or B. For this, do I need to make mbox call? If yes, where do I get the host and client code information from? Can you please provide me more details and example on how to achieve this?


Where do I get the following from?

- mboxedge

- profiles

- thirdPartyId

- client

3. Also, what are the precaution steps I need to take if I want to make those mbox calls in a test environment without impacting production while I am working on my proof of concept?

Thank you!