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Send Email after page gets published


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Hello Everyone!

We need to send an email after the page gets published.

The requirement is:

  1. We need to send an email after the page gets published.
  2. The email needs to be sent to a fixed list of people. (They may not be the users in AEM)
  3. In the email body, we want to add who published the page and which page got published. More like a DAM Update Assets Transient Workflow notification email.

We are looking for an OOTB solution, probably using Workflow and Launcher. Is there any OOTB solution available in AEM for the above requirements? We already have an SMTP configuration in place, set up by Adobe.

Thank you!


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By following a series of steps, it is possible to accomplish it.

1. create a launcher to capture node created, select the runmode in the launcher configs based on the requirement (which instance to be used to capture this event, author/publish)

2. create a new workflow and add a OOTB 'send email' step
3. configure this 'send email' step with email details and provide email-template from the link below


4. when you will provide the template with metadata variables in it, you can configure values for these metadata variables in 'send email' step.


I hope it helps.




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Hi @Rohit_Utreja

Would you please list the steps to add the OOTB Send Email step? I added the Process step and selected "Send Templated Email," but that doesn't seem to work. Also, I need the option to add the list of recipients who should receive the notification email.

Thank you!


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this sounds valuable. i'm interested in understanding the steps and will be following the convo.

@webdev91 could you share the use case? i am especially interested since your intended audience who receives this email are not AEM users.