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selector (resource resolution) not working


Level 9

I have a page that uses this page template (sling:resourceType = /apps/flinders/components/page/content-page)


to test selectors (which I have not done before), I created a copy of /apps/flinders/components/page/content-page/content-page.html and called it /apps/flinders/components/page/content-page/content-page.test.html. The contents of the 2 files are the same EXCEPT I added a "hello there" text on the test.html version.


When viewing the page via view-as-published with the selector (example: http://localhost:4502/content/mysite/en/animals/frogs.test.html?wcmmode=disabled), I do not see the "hello there" text. What am I missing? Thank you.


<html data-sly-use.page="com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.Page" lang="${page.language}"
    <head data-sly-call="${head.head @ page = page}"></head>
        <h1>hello there</h1>
        <sly data-sly-test.isRedirectPage="${page.redirectTarget && (wcmmode.edit || wcmmode.preview)}"
             data-sly-call="${redirect.redirect @ redirectTarget = page.redirectTarget}"></sly>
        <!-- always include the rest of the page -->
            <sly data-sly-include="body.socialmedia_begin.html"></sly>
            <sly data-sly-include="body.html"></sly>
            <!--<sly data-sly-call="${footer.footer @ page = page}"></sly>-->
            <sly data-sly-include="body.socialmedia_end.html"></sly>



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