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Securing AEM With Dispatcher by labs.f-secure


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that is used by a large and active user base to develop and deploy web applications. We have assessed several implementations and have found that despite many vulnerabilities being common knowledge, they are often still present in production deployments. In this blog post, I will be discussing common AEM vulnerabilities and some advice for defending your AEM instance against them using AEM’s Dispatcher. Although the sorts of attacks discussed in this post are well known, many still struggle with them, as remediation can prove tricky to get right. My goal for this post was to gather the relevant pieces of information in one place and help users understand why these issues happen, why their configuration isn’t working like they think it is, and to describe specific techniques for debugging their environment.

Let’s start with some background on AEM architecture. Content is created on an AEM author instance and then pushed out to one or more publish instances to be viewed by the outside world. However, instead of having application users directly interact with an AEM publish instance, they usually sit behind an instance of Dispatcher. Dispatcher integrates with web servers such as Apache and IIS and is used to make decisions about what to do with incoming requests. Dispatcher can be used for performance-related activities such as caching and load-balancing, but it is important for security as well, as it can be used to decide what requests should be rejected or allowed before they are ever able to reach the AEM instance. The architecture of a typical AEM deployment is shown Above.

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Securing AEM With Dispatcher


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