RTE touch UI plugin issue



Hi All,

In touch UI RTE Plugin  when I am trying to use any html tag to display data (inside popover.js ) except image tag all html tags are not closing. So because of that when I have added again same plugin on the same line,that plugin html is included inside previous plugin html tag.

Actual result:

<p><div class="rNumber123456"> 9876543210 <span style="font-size: 0.8125rem;">ID: 789654</span></div></p>

Expected result :

<p><div class="rNumber123456"> 9876543210 </div><div class="rNumber123456">ID: 789654</div></p>

Code popover.js

function sendataMessage(){


  $(".cq-dialog").find('[name="' + RESPONSE_ID + '"]').val('<div  class=" +iDClass + "> ' +iDDetail+ '</div>');



Thanks in advance