Reusing Scaffolds between Apps



I am trying to reuse some scaffolds from another app living on the same server, where the only real difference is the cq:targetPath of the scaffold.

I've tried a few things that don't seem to work, using ResourceSuperType, and using cqinclude.

I've had the most success with cqinclude, where I add a dialog to the 2nd scaffold, and just set  the xtype to cqinclude on the dialog, with a path to the original dialog.infinity.json.

The issue with this approach is, the cqinclude appends a overlay selector to the path in the JS on the Scaffold page, which 404's pointing to the original scaffold's location since it exists in /etc/scaffolding/<app_name>.  I tried the same technique with scaffolds that live in lib or apps and it works fine, with the .overlay. selector.

So just looking for some advice how I can approach this.