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Reusing Content: Multi Site Manager and Live Copy | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Reusing Content: Multi Site Manager and Live Copy by Adobe Docs


Multi Site Manager (MSM) enables you to use the same site content in multiple locations. MSM uses its Live Copy functionality to achieve this:

With MSM you can:

Create content once and then
Copy this content to, and re-use this content in, other areas (live copies) of the same or other sites.
MSM then maintains the (live) relationships between your source content and its live copies so that:

When you make changes to the source content, the source and live copies are synchronized (to apply these changes to the live copies too).
You can make adjustments to the content of the live copies by disconnecting the live relationship for individual sub pages and/or components. By doing this, changes to the source will no longer be applied to the live copy.
This and the following pages cover the related issues:

Creating and Synchronizing Live Copies
Live Copy Overview Console
Configuring Live Copy Synchronization
MSM Rollout Conflicts
MSM Best Practices
Possible Scenarios
There are many use-cases for MSM and live copies, some scenerios include:

Multinationals - Global to Local Company

One typical use case that MSM supports is to reuse content in several multinational same-language sites. This allows the core content to be re-used, while allowing for national variations.

For example, the English section of the We.Retail Reference Site sample is created for customers in the USA. Most of the content in this site can also be used for other We.Retail sites that cater to English-speaking customers of different countries and cultures. The core content remains the same over all sites, while regional adjustments can be made.

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Reusing Content: Multi Site Manager and Live Copy


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