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Restrict Page Creation Based on Condition


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I have a requirement to restrict page creation based on some conditions.

For Example,
When an author wants to create a page I need to check some validity from my Java code


As soon as I found anything wrong I need to restrict the author from creating the page and show some error. (This error could be the exception message).


For this, I tried implementing EventListener, but Event is triggered after the page creation.

public JackrabbitEventFilter createPageEvent (String path) {
        JackrabbitEventFilter jackrabbitEventFilterPage = new JackrabbitEventFilter();

        return jackrabbitEventFilterPage.setAbsPath(path)
                .setNodeTypes(new String[]{NT_PAGE, NT_TAG});

In the OnEvent I throw an exception,

public void onEvent(EventIterator events) {
    throw new AccessControlException("Restricted");
    // Or any kind of exception

But this is not working. 

How I can achieve this?
Note: I also need to get the page properties that are filled up by the author.

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@Sady_Rifat :Instead of writing the event listener .Can you try below. 


in the create page wizard, the below validation happens from the below validations.js file . You can write your validation in the below JS file.


JS file location: /libs/cq/gui/components/siteadmin/admin/clientlibs/validations/js/validations.js





SO its better to overlay and customize this js file instead of writing event listener.




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Using clientlib is possible. But the requirement is to use Java directly. If it's not possible to solve by Java directly then I will go for the clientlib solution.