Rendering JSON for an AEM resource




I'm trying to convert an AEM page (/content/myproject/en) to JSON. I had followed the below link and I could get the expected JSON:

Converting AEM/Sling Resources to JSON - Adobe Experience Manager | AEM/CQ | Apache Sling

However, from the following link I see that we can retrieve the HTML markup (or JSON, XML, txt, PDF, etc...) for a component as well as a page if we provide the correct path. When I tried implementing the same I'm getting the JSON, but not a complete one. I mean that I'm getting a partial JSON which is an invalid one.

FYI: The below link works perfectly for html

Get the rendered HTML for an AEM resource, component or page - Adobe Experience Manager | AEM/CQ | A...

I wonder if the second link is valid for my use case (getting JSON) or not. Can anyone let me know if you had used SlingRequestProcessor service for retrieving JSON?

I'd really appreciate any help or advice on this!


Lavanya Malyala