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registring and logging in as per locale based site in CQ5.6.1.


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HI ,

I am looking to implement login functionality in our existing site.

The site has different versions depending upon locales for eg. en-US, en-EU, en-IN created inside /content.

now I want to be able to create users and relate them to their specific locale site, i.e, a user registered in en-US site should have access to only en-US site.

We were looking at OOTB login component and Geometrixx based registration methodology as everything is inside jcr only.

however with OOTB login how do we implement the above mentioned seperation of access?

can this be just achieved with CUG ? or what customizations should we be looking at if required at all.  PS: we are using CQ5.6.1

Thanks in advance.


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Yes, I think you can use CUG for this. One question, however, what will anonymous users experience? Will they be able to access all sites? In general, it is a bit contrary to AEM's expectations to have anonymous users have *more* access than known users, although such a model is occasionally useful.