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Regardomg siteadmin grid selection with different colours


Level 2



I have a requirement to differentiate the colours in the grid for the different workflows while selecting the grid in the siteadmin. i can override the by adding new classname "x-grid3-row-selected" But i am unable to get the workflow for each grid.


I could able to get the JCR path by the below code snippet on row click event. Does we can get the workflow process by passing the JCR Path  Please provide the any views.

                var grid = CQ.wcm.SiteAdmin.getActiveGrid();
                var selections = grid.getSelectionModel().getSelections();

                    // populate workflow options
                        var record = grid.getStore().getAt(rowIndex);
                        var path = record.id;

Thanks in Advance

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Level 10

That grid should already have the workflow and its status in the column 'status'. I think you should be able to get that info from there. Did you try that ?

I could able to get the status for the workflow which is running. I am unable to get the status already completed.