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Regarding the AEM 6.4 LaunchMap Feature


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Could you please provide detailed information regarding the AEM 6.4 LaunchMap Feature.

We want to make image clickable on the aem page itself using launchmap feature.

We found and tried that the image is clickable when we edit the image and go to launchmap and provide the path. And the imagemap property is getting stored at /content/dam/.... (/content/dam/we-retail/en/experiences/48-hours-of-wilderness/48-hours-of-wilderness-1.jpg/jcr:content/metadata) something like below :

imagemap   String   [rect(409,299,1296,861)""|""|""][rect(324,217,1296,865)"https://www.google.com/"|""|""]

Now we are not able to find much information on the internet how can we use this imagemap to make the image clickable on the aem page itself or how we can use imagemap property which is getting stored under /content/dam onto our page /content/we-retail....

Like say we have a aem page and we dragged image component in it and dragged the image in it. Now how we can make this image clickable on page itself where we dragged using launchmap or imagemap property. 

Already gone through the below link but seems it is under some R&D. Not fully implemented. Do we need to install any service pack or hotfix to get this feature fully implemented or working ?

[Image] Image map not supported Issue #35 adobe/aem-core-wcm-components GitHub

Looking for your inputs on the same.

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